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PrimaCare Medical Centers - What We Treat

Illness Treatments

For treatments for illnesses such as colds, flu, stomach aches or ear infections, PrimaCare Medical Centers is your number one choice for fast, caring help. Our knowledge medical staff can quickly diagnose your ailments, and provide the proper medications and treatment to get you on your feet in no time.

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PrimaCare Urgent Care - Frisco, TX - Physicals

Minor Injuries

Did you know that 80% of all ER visits can be treated at PrimaCare? Not all injuries require a costly trip to an emergency room. For less severe bumps, cuts, abrasions or sprains, visit PrimaCare Medical Centers for quick relief for all of your minor injuries.

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PrimaCare Medical Centers - What Services we offer


When your child is ill, you want access to the most convenient and comprehensive care possible. That’s why PrimaCare is open late on weeknights, weekends and holidays: to get your child the medical help they need fast.  From common childhood illnesses like influenza, bronchitis, rashes or infections, to minor injury care for cuts, lacerations, sprains or breaks, bring your son or daughter today.

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PrimaCare Medical Centers - Sports Physicals


From physicals for schools and sports, to employment and DOT examinations, PrimaCare can offer comprehensive physicals that meet state or employer requirements. Offered daily, physicals are available for children, teens or adults for a number of different needs.

  • Sports Physicals
  • School Physicals
  • Employment Physicals
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals
  • Camp and Daycare Physicals
  • Insurance Physicals
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PrimaCare Medical Centers - Lab Services

X-rays, Labs & STD Testing

We understand that convenience and discretion are important to you when it comes to the lab services and sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing that you need. Our on-site labs reduce wait times for results and also reduce the need for you to go to another location for such lab work. Moreover, if you believe that you have contracted an STD, we can provide fast, private testing. After a medical assessment and examination, our highly-trained physicians can recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.


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